100% Wool - The unbeatable wonder fibre of nature

Wool is an extraordinary fibre from nature, whose properties produce extremely high-quality and sustainable fabrics. Obtained from the sheep's fur, wool is a renewable resource that mankind has been using for more than 8000 years.

The positive properties of wool result from the complex structure of the fibre. The interaction of the outer sheath Cuticula and the fibre trunk Cortex result in valuable functions that no other fibre combines.

The properties at a glance:

  • inherently flame retardant
  • breathable
  • chemically and mechanically self-cleaning
  • water repellent due to hydrophobic outer shell
  • robust, stretchable, pressure-elastic and resistant
  • crease-resistant
  • good acoustic properties
  • temperature equalising; insulating against heat and cold
  • antistatic
  • water repellent
  • insensitive to odours

Woven fabrics made of wool are equally suitable as upholstery fabrics and as curtain fabrics. They radiate warmth and cosiness and can have both a cosy and purist appearance.

Our wool articles

It is classic, timeless and always trendy. The wool felt Watson captivates with its soft, supple texture. Its melange gives it the typical appearance of a felted wool fabric. The colour range extends from natural tones and shades of grey to some strong colours such as orange, apple green and pink.
Sound absorber class A

The large-format check Glasgow stands out with its bold colour scheme. Particularly bright colours such as flashy orange, vivid pink and brilliant yellow give the colour range the appropriate modernity. The colour range consists of 15 colours and can be wonderfully combined with the plain Watson.

The classic herringbone design is available in an extensive colour range. Its 25 colours consist of both historical colour combinations and modern compositions such as pink/orange or yellow/brown.
Sound absorption class B

This beautiful wool melange is distinguished from the other wool articles by its Panama weave. 
The impressively soft feel and drape fits in perfectly with the general natural trend.
Manchester is a modern decoration and upholstery fabric in soft, delicate colours. The pastels are complemented by a strong coral red, peach, ice blue and mint.
Sound absorption class B

Product overview of the 100% wool articles

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