Textile Interior Design for Living in Old Age

With great attention to detail and special attention to design and function, we have put together this collection. Based on the idea of Healing Architecture and inspired by the idea of Biophilic Design, we have created a collection that covers the entire range of textile furnishing in the care sector in a meaningful way. Because the products can be combined with each other, CARE. Collection offers countless colour concepts and motifs from which you can design the right living environments for your residents.

Living in Old Age | Backgroundinformation

DELICARE – Antimicrobial & air-purifying fabrics

DELICARE was specially developed for the care sector and stands for antimicrobial and air-purifying curtain fabrics. On request, these are available with a DELICARE finish from a minimum quantity of 100 m, which remains intact even after multiple washings.

  • Antibacterial properties: This finish has the effect of preventing bacteria from growing and decomposing when they come into contact with the fabric (antibacterial effectiveness tested according to DIN EN ISO 20743 against the following germs: Staphylococcus aureus ATTCC 6538 , Klebsiella pneumoniae ATTCC 4352). This feature keeps the decorative fabrics hygienically clean for longer.

          1. bacterial load in the rooms decreases measurably. Residents are exposed to fewer airborne bacteria.
          2. washing cycles can be noticeably reduced. The labour and cost expenditure for hygienic cleanliness is thus noticeably reduced.

  • Antiviral properties: All DELICARE articles reduce the viral load by at least 98%.  Tested according to ISO 18184, the determination of antiviral activities of textile products. During the test, viruses are inoculated into a sample within 2 to 24 hours after a specific contact time. The remaining infectious virus is counted and the reduction rate (log) is determined. The reduction rate for DELICARE substances is between 1.70 - 3. 
    The ISO 18184 test is performed with enveloped viruses (influenza A virus). Covid 19 is also an enveloped virus. In this respect, the results are also transferable to Covid 19.
  • Air-purifying property: unpleasant-smelling air molecules are permanently broken down (measurement of the breakdown of formaldehyde in the room air) and converted into harmless CO2
    and water.
    Advantage: Odours cannot always be avoided. The air-purifying effect of the DELICARE Fabrics ensures more pleasant indoor air in which residents, staff and also visitors feel more

Both finishes:
• contribute to improved room hygiene
• are wash-resistant
• lead to energy savings due to longer washing intervals and lower washing temperatures (washing is only necessary for visible soiling, hygienic washing at 72 °C is no longer required)
• are permanently flame retardant


The collection is made up of

  • printed, nature-inspired Inbetweens (semi-transparent curtain fabrics)
  • darkening fabrics / dimouts
  • net curtains (transparent & semi-transparent)
  • easy-care and antimicrobial DELIGARD upholstery fabrics
  • disinfectant-resistant, partly also antibacterial faux leathers
  • wall coverings with antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • shower curtains with antimicrobial properties
  • all articles are flame-retardant in accordance with the prescribed flammability criteria and can therefore be used in the care sector without hesitation
Care Collection Fabrics

Colourconcept of the Care Collection

Residents of nursing homes often suffer from age-related visual impairments. Colors and especially contrasts are no longer perceived as strongly. The right use of colors can counteract visual impairments so that residents feel comfortable in the facilities and can move around more safely.

Colourconcept | Worlds of Colour

This collection was developed in collaboration with experts in the branch, specifically to meet the demands of living in old age. Read more:

Gudrun Kaiser

She is a qualified architect with many years of experience in the concept development and planning of residential and care properties for older people in new buildings, existing buildings and neighbourhood contexts. In addition to her architectural consulting experience, she has sound expertise in the areas of accessibility, gerontology, care and social planning.



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