Boho style darkening fabrics

"Boho" is short for "bohemian" and refers to an unconventional, artistic fashion and interior design style that dates back to the 19th century.

The basic colours in Bohemian style are natural tones such as moss, soft rosé, light lilac, terracotta and subtly graduated natural and grey tones. These are combined with strong colours such as deep petrol, midnight blue or aubergine. The right combination is the base for this trendy interior design.

The new Colin and Miles darkening fabrics suit the colours of the boho style perfectly. But it is not just the colours that suit this interior design trend, but also the particularly soft chenille surfaces. With a darkening level of 99%, they fulfil their function perfectly.


Colin is a room-high plain dimout. The chenille yarn provides a vertical pattern of light, vibrant, matte shades. The back is colour-coordinated with the front in the usual dimout quality. 21 colours are available.

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Miles Dimout

Miles is also a room-high dimout in a chenille look. The two-tone melange creates a lively surface that radiates cosiness. The colour palette includes 20 shades.

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45 darkening options for hotels, cruise ships and meeting rooms

With a total of 32 Dimout Fabrics and 13 Blackout Fabrics, we have the most comprehensive blackout collection on the market. To find out more, click here.


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