DELIMAR | Dirt and water repellent upholstery fabrics

DELIMAR upholstery fabrics were developed for outdoor use. However, they also offer comprehensive functionalities for indoor use, which represent a great added value for the furniture.

The polyolefinic fibre has the property of being water and dirt repellent, i.e. liquids and dirt do not adhere to the fibre because they are largely kept out. At the same time, the material does not require any chemical additives (e.g. stain protection applied afterwards). This is good for humans and the environment.
The fabrics are therefore particularly suitable for areas where upholstered furniture is used a lot and with pleasure.

Properties at a glance: 

  • durable
  • extremely hard-wearing
  • easy to clean, as light soiling has no chance and heavier soiling is easy to remove (cleaning recommendation)   
  • washable up to 60°C gentle wash  
  • water- and dirt-repellent properties are anchored in the fibre and therefore cannot wash out or wear off
  • environmentally friendly, as no additional chemical treatment is used
  • 100% recyclable  
  • spinneret-dyed and therefore particularly environmentally friendly. Compared to conventional dyeing processes, spinneret dyeing uses almost 90% less water, requires far fewer chemicals and also reduces CO2 emissions.
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