EcoLine | Textiles made from recycled PET bottles

Natural resources and the earth‘s capacity to absorb pollutants are limited. Therefore, we want to deal responsibly with finite resources so that present and future generations can continue to live on this beautiful earth. With this collection we would like to make our contribution to this.

What does EcoLine stand for?
EcoLine stands for functional, permanently flame-retardant fabrics with a reduced ecological footprint. Among other things, they are made from yarns from recycled PET bottles. Sustainability, functionality and high-quality design come together in one product line. 

Why sustainable?
In contrast to conventional polyester, the production of recycled polyester is much more energy-efficient. Recycling existing plastics also means that less petroleum needs to be extracted and valuable resources are conserved. 
Recycling also offers a solution to our huge plastic problem. Huge amounts of plastic waste can be given a new purpose instead of ending up in landfills or in nature

EcoLine – our contribution
Between 26–40 % recycled PET bottle-based polyester is used in the production of the yarn for the EcoLine collection. Used plastic bottles are used, which are generated 
as waste in the country where the yarn is produced. 

All articles are sorted by type and can be recycled again at the end of their life cycle. As the manufacturer, we are happy to take back the made-up goods for recycling.

EcoLine One DELILIGHT | The transparent one

EcoLine One, the transparent one among the recycled fabrics, is light and flowing. A light cloudiness paired with a matt surface gives it a natural character. 

EcoLine Two DIMOUT | The darkening one

A coarse, linen-like surface surprises with a soft feel. The natural character of this functional dimout is particularly noteworthy. Good acoustic values (class B) ensure a pleasant room atmosphere.

Ecoline Three | The versatile one

This decorative fabric has a slight see-through effect while pleasantly protecting privacy. The light, ribbed fabric provides a diffuse, very pleasant light when drawn.

The properties at a glance:

  • made from yarns from recycled PET bottles
  • fabrics are recyclable as they are unmixed
  • 300 cm fabric width ensures easy processing
  • 72°C hygienic wash possible
  • natural character
  • permanently flame retardant

GRS Certification

Global Recycled Standard GRS is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for independent certification of recycled materials, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions. 
The aim is transparency in the supply chain and the provision of better information to consumers. 

EcoLine Recyclable

All items in the EcoLine series are made of single-grade polyester and can be recycled. The product is thus reprocessed at the end of its life and put to new uses. No waste is produced, the environment and its resources are protected.
We are aware of our responsibility and want to contribute to the conservation of resources together with you. As a manufacturer, we are therefore happy to take back EcoLine products for recycling and take care of the appropriate return to the value-adding recycling economy on your behalf. 

In order for us to be able to take the product back, a number of requirements must be met on your part so that the purity of the product and its recyclability are guaranteed. 

The product

  • must be free of curtain tapes, eyelets, hooks and tie rods and lead tape in order to guarantee the purity of the product.
  • must not have undergone any further processing steps: e.g. printing, finishing, embroidery 
  • must be delivered clean and dry.

How to return?          

  • free the product from all the additives listed above
  • pack it well
  • enclose a copy of the purchase invoice

Please send the material to:

DELIUS GmbH & Co. KG Logistics Centre
Webereistrasse 1,
32139 Spenge

The take-back currently only applies to the products of the EcoLine collection.

EcoLine Fabrics

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