EcoLine | Upholstery fabrics made of 100% POST CONSUMER PLASTIC

Versatile upholstery fabrics for demanding applications

EcoLine stands for functional, permanently flame-retardant fabrics with a reduced ecological footprint. They are made of 100% yarns from recycled PET bottles and can thus be recycled again thanks to their purity.
Sustainability, functionality and high-quality design come together in one product line.

The manufacturing process begins with the collection and sorting of plastic bottles in Italy. The collected material is then cleaned and shredded to obtain polymer granules suitable for the spinning process, which are converted into filaments and textured. The yarn obtained is certified according to the Global Recycle Standard and Ökotex Standard 100 and is further processed into the finest upholstery fabrics at the production site in Germany.
The finished fabrics are also tested according to Ökotex Standard 100. The upcycling process also protects the environment through short transport routes. The flame retardancy is permanent and, in contrast to ecologically harmful additives, does not wash out.
All articles are sorted by type and can be recycled again at the end of their life cycle. As the manufacturer, we are happy to take back the finished goods for recycling. You can find details here.


The multicoloured, graphic salt & pepper-design of this upholstery fabric creates a more modern look. With two unique characters, EcoLine Pop can appear both monochromatic and slightly melanged.
Thus, the selection of 20 colours features contrasting as well as tonal colourways. Components of different colour classics are interchanged and combined to create something new - a fascinating blend of vintage aspects and modern design. The EcoLine Pop colour range can be played both grounded and expressive, depending on the combination in the room.

With its soft feel, achieved through the use of high-quality chenille yarn, the EcoLine Pro invites you to relax. The matte look creates a natural and warm atmosphere. A slight two-tone effect in the various colourways gives the fabric additional depth. With an extensive palette of 27 harmonious colours, all colour ranges are covered. From Smoked Pine to Redwood to Stone Blue - EcoLine Pro allows for wonderful combinations that enable free design according to personal preferences.

The EcoLine Pax inspires with a detailed, graphic diamond pattern. With its matte look, it exudes a certain calm and serenity, a timeless design, giving furniture an elegant and appealing look.
The colour range of Ecoline Pax includes a total of 11 colours, offering both pastel shades and deep tones. From delicate pastels to bold, rich hues, there is something for everyone. This diverse selection makes it possible to perfectly match the fabric to individual preferences.

Features of the EcoLine collection:

  • 100 % post consumer plastic
  • certified, purely mechanical upcycling process
  • unmixed, recyclable after use
  • permanently flame retardant
  • extremely durable
  • short transport distances
  • Ökotex certification
  • meets Möbelfakta requirements

Overview of all EcoLine fabrics

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