This sophisticated jacquard collection, consisting of the three decorative items Galery, Zag and Circle, is characterised by a refined interplay of weaves and colours. Geometric line and surface designs grace the matt surfaces in a natural look.



GALERY | Greetings from BAUHAUS

Galery is the eye-catcher of the collection. The large-scale geometric design, inspired by Bauhaus, makes it a piece of art. The exciting interplay of weaves creates different surfaces, even in 310 cm fabric widths. Thus, it is not only suitable for seamless processing at the window, but can also be made up for bedspreads and plaids without seams.

A total of six impressive colourways are available:

  • Graphite Black, Grey Marlange contrasting with Off-White, Stone and Dessert Sand.
  • Khaki nuances, soft greige, powdery nude-rose,
  • soft and intense old gold tones, concrete grey, light graphite
  • soft natural and delicate cream shades, light greige
  • soft salmon and terracotta tones, delicate natural and cream tones
  • vibrant blue and strong coral red, soft rosé, powdery natural, washed-out denim
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This geometric design of parallel, vertical lines, broken up by interlocking curved and circular lines, was coloured tone-in-tone on the one hand and in strong contrasts between background and line on the other. Circle is also available in 300 cm fabric width and thus also offers the advantages of seamless processing.

12 colourways are available: contrasting black and white, taupe, off-white, natural, soft lemon yellow, spicy orange, soft coral, vintage khaki, teal, pastel aquamarine and midnight blue.

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The geometric zigzag design of fine lines is given a modern 3D effect thanks to the use of shrink yarn in the weft. Zag is available in 140 cm fabric width and has a very good light fastness of 6-7.
The 11 colourways are partly tone-on-tone, partly with strong contrasts between base and line: contrasting black and white, graphite, stone, off-white, natural, sunset gold, vintage khaki, dusty teal, spicy orange and soft coral.
The shrink yarn gives the back of the fabric a shiny look. This ensures that Zag achieves good transmission values and thus offers protection from the sun, glare and UV rays.


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