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Transparent curtain fabrics primarily serve as privacy screens. When closed, you are protected from curious views from outside without blocking the necessary light into the room. In this way, they give us the privacy we need to feel good. You can also influence the mood by using different colours. 

In general, fabrics have a positive influence on the sound in the room. Special acoustic curtains reduce sound considerably. 

Inbetweens, as the name suggests, are somewhat more tightly woven than the fine net curtain. They are the modern alternative to the classic curtain, as they are more striking in their structure and design statement. Without the use of side blinds, their effect is particularly modern.  They are also ideal as panel curtains or folding blinds. 

Transparent and semi-transparent curtains are ideal as room dividers. They create private islands in spa areas, restaurants and offices. They protect against gazes and prevent direct air exchange.

Versatile room designers

Transparent curtain fabrics are available in a wide variety of designs. The portfolio includes fine voiles, high-quality etamine, robust leno fabrics, fine and coarse canvas constructions and net-like fabrics.
Decide for yourself which variation you would like to use for your next project: 



Overview of all transparent and semi-transparent fabrics

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