Mohair Velours

Mohair-Velours is obtained from the hair of Angora goats and is one of the most exclusive upholstery fabrics. Its extraordinary properties lie in the nature of the material. It is extremely long living and durable. It does not loose its brilliance or radiance even when strongly used. Its timeless elegance helps to create both modern as well as stylish historic interior designs.

The velvety lively surface is particularly appealing. The thick pile creates a noble and decent shine. Depending on the light, ever new and exciting effects are created. Single black and white hair of the Angora goat cannot be dyed, they remain visible and are the trademark of a real mohair. Mohair is flame retardant by nature. It is thus suitable for contract upholstery without a chemical finish. The special comfort of mohair is due to its temperature equalizing effect; it cools when it is warm and it warms when it is cold. As the hair of the Angora goat absorbs humidity it is particularly comfortable to sit on. Mohair-Velours makes long hours in the theatre, in conference rooms or in exclusive restaurants extremely comfortable. 

The most important properties of Mohair-Velours:

  • positive reaction to different temperatures
  • skin friendly
  • air permeable
  • a high seating comfort
  • anti-static
  • insensitive to dirt
  • easy care
  • naturally flame retardant
  • high durability
  • longevity
  • W-binding: flor is double-fixed in ground 

Product Overview