Powder shades on trend for 2024

Acoustic curtain Mezzo

An in-between for quiet moments

Delius Moodboard Mezzo Akustik 01

Mezzo is a beautiful, modern acoustic curtain that can excellently develop its acoustic properties both at the window and as a partition curtain. Its appearance also leaves nothing to be desired. With an extra width of 330 cm, it is easy to work with seamlessly. Its matt look paired with the strié effect* creates a calming atmosphere, which is further enhanced by a soft color scheme
Sound absorption coefficient of aw 0.65 / Classe C


Delius Dekostoff judy rosa grün 02

Decorative fabric Judy

Room high in pastel tones and color

Judy is an opaque decorative fabric that is characterized by its robustness, among other things. The room-high item with a width of 300 cm is not susceptible to creasing and therefore guarantees a beautiful drape. The plain weave mélange, which is sometimes contrasting and sometimes more tonal, gives Judy an extremely natural look, whether as a curtain, bed runner or cushion.


Delius Moodboard Leeds 03

Decorative fabric Leeds

Delicate pastels in a woolly look

Delicate pastel shades combine here with a soft, woolly surface to create a modern, soft look. The light deco with a little sheerness, naturally room-high in 310 cm width, still allows enough soft, pleasant light into the room even when drawn.
Leeds has a number of positive properties. In addition to its soft feel, it is crease-resistant, has good lightfastness, is washable at 60°C and has OekoTex certification.
The interplay of the white warp with the colored weft creates a delicate, subdued colour palette. In an ensemble, the trendy colors look wonderfully homely, almost quiet and pleasantly relaxed.


Delius ecoline dia recycling collage 02

Beautifully sustainable

Curtain fabric made from recycled materials

EcoLine Dia is a sustainable decorative fabric developed from 100% post-consumer plastic. Sustainability, functionality & design come together skillfully in this opaque decorative fabric.

Delius ecoline dia farben 03

EcoLine Dia

Velour Stage

Made for the grand entrance

The floor-to-ceiling velour Stage impresses with its beautiful, soft drape. With a lively vintage look, a subtle sheen and a short, very dense pile, it is a special highlight as a curtain in exclusive hotels or as a stage curtain.

Velours Stage

Delius vega kunstleder pet flasche 01

Sustainable faux leather Vega

2.5 plastic bottles per meter

Vega is a particularly complex, environmentally friendly faux leather that consists of 75% sustainable materials.

Vega kunstleder farben 04

faux leather Vega


Environmentally friendly technologies are used for both the backing and the top side.
Thanks to its bi-elasticity, Vega is easy to upholster and the faux leather easily wraps around every curve of the furniture. Its matt surface with a fine, light, relief-like criss-cross structure creates an interesting look that allows Vega to be used in a wide range of applications.
The backing material consists of 100% recycled PES, which was obtained from used PET bottles. Approx. 2.5 plastic bottles are used per meter. PVC resins, which are originally obtained from agricultural and forestry biomass (dead leaves, agricultural waste), were used in the production of the outer material. Finally, the product is supplemented with a plasticizer based on biowaste, e.g. from used vegetable oil.
The combination of ISCC & RSB-certified renewable ingredients results in a synthetic leather that consists of 75% sustainable materials.