Contract Fabrics for Shop Design

„When we started looking at the field of shop fitting and the use of fabrics we immediately thought of the curtains in the changing room. But fabrics for shop fitting can be so much more. After an extensive market survey it was clear to us that there are many more possibilities to the use of contract fabrics.

Furnishing fabrics create shopping worlds and present goods. They divide rooms, serve as partitions or as eyecatcher. Upholstery fabrics are being used for furniture or as wallcoverings. Faux leather is particularly suitable for the interior of showcases.

We will show you in the following pages the versatile use of fabrics for the purpose of furnishing shops as well as their supporting function in the selling of products. Be inspired! There will certainly be something suitable for perfectly presenting your goods. And, if by any chance, there is not, then we will create it for you. Enjoy yourself! “

Volker Herwig, Product Management


Why Delius?

We know how important a successful shop atmosphere is for a great shopping experience. Beautiful contract fabrics make a great contribution. Our contract fabrics will help you create the perfect decor, which will enhance the emotional staging of goods at the point of sale. All areas of furnishing can be supported by our fabrics: furnishing fabrics, upholstery fabrics and wallcoverings. The great variety of our collections offers you a great scope of creativity. Functionality is at the core of our stylish designs. They are extremely hard-wearing, durable and easy to clean.

Very thoroughly tested and always flame retardant

With DELIUS fabrics you are always on the safe side. We have put our fabrics to the acid test and can definitely tell you how they will perform. Their properties are documented by valid test reports. Do give us a call, we are happy to send you samples or to come and see you.


Dimouts have the advantage of non-transparency, so one cannot see what is happening behind them. In addition, dimouts very often have the same appearance on both sides. These two properties make dimouts the perfect changing room curtain.

Our dimouts are available in great variety with many differing surfaces: smooth, shiny, matt, structured, printed and embossed and in endless colours.


Velvets have an air of exclusivity and are thus ideally suited for a sophisticated presentation of goods at the point of sale. Velvets are always an eye catcher, be it as a curtain, in changing rooms, in a shopping window, as an upholstery fabric or for showcase panelling.

In addition, the sound reducing properties should not be forgotten.


These are light-transmissive but at the same time create a private atmosphere by preventing glances. They are decorative, convey lightness and create exciting effects. They are equally suitable as room partitions as well as decoration in store windows.


Whether it is shopping or intimate dining an unpleasant room acoustic spoils the experience. Modern architecture very often uses glass, concrete or steel. These smooth surfaces create a sound reverberation which is often felt as an uncomfortable noise. Textiles can mitigate this. They absorb the sound and reduce noise harassment, both for shop visitors and employees. acoustic fabrics are being used as curtains, sheers, room partitions, wall and ceiling coverings, panels and for furniture.


They can be plain or with a design. They can be classical or modern, trendy or timeless. The choice of colours is limitless. With the use of fabrics you can create an atmosphere which makes shopping a great event and showcase your goods.


Seats are not only intensively used in restaurants but also in the comfort zones of shops. Upholstery fabrics have to be hard-wearing and at the same time optically and haptically pleasant. Our collection offers a great selection of upholstery fabrics and faux leathers which are also suitable as showcase fabrics. Our DELIGARD upholstery fabrics have the additional advantage that they resist moisture and are easy to clean; they thus look clean and neat for a very long time.


Wool by nature has a certain flame-retardancy and is very robust. It is of high quality, long-living and has excellent sound-absorbing properties. Be it as a cabin or door curtain, even as an upholstery fabric: It is simply beautiful.


Wallcoverings accentuate and decorate a room. They should be hard-wearing and easy to clean. Our collection DELIWALL offers many possibilities. The vinyl wallcovering is of course flame retardant; the robust surface makes it extremely durable, long-living and protective of your walls.

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