DELIWALL – Four new wall coverings in a variety of designs

DELIWALL can do more than just wallpaper. DELIUS wall coverings are versatile team players made of environmentally friendly vinyl in exclusive structures and looks. Precisely coordinated with our contract fabrics, they enable a harmonious interplay of wall and fabric in room design. What makes them so strong and attractive is their robust, lightfast material and antimicrobial functions - ideally suited for wall coverings in the hotel and health & care sectors.  

We have added four new items to our current collection - for the best possible choice for modern interior design.

Luson | Art Deco sends its regards

A characteristic of Art Déco is the stylised and two-dimensional depiction of floral and organic motifs. Clear, geometric forms of classical modernism are combined with an excessive urge for pomp and decoration.

Luson, with its geometric, interlocking rectangles and noble sheen, draws on elements of this style. Luson is perfect as an eye-catcher in the hotel bar, as a design element for luxurious hotel corridors or as a highlight in sophisticated suites.  Eight colour shades such as gold, silver, anthracite and midnight blue are available.

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Breno | The combination of tones makes the difference

This timeless all-over pattern uses a dissolved graphic structure. Depending on the colour, the design comes more or less to the foreground. Six colour combinations are available. From high-contrast black and silver to warm cappuccino and mother-of-pearl to a tone-in-tone pattern of cream and white.

A special design that only unfolds its impressive effect on the surface.

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Dinox | Modern spatula technique on vinyl

A wide variety of spatula techniques are currently in vogue for wall design. In short, spackling is the oldest variant of wall finishing. With the Dinox DELIWALL wall covering, we create visually similar structures, only much more cost-effective and durable. With this stylised form of spatula technique, the design emerges more or less strongly depending on the colour setting.
Eight different colourways in natural tones, grey-green and grey-brown conjure up impressive structures on the wall.

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Aline | Structure matching the nature trend

Aline is characterised by a coarse, irregular, multi-coloured canvas structure. This gives the surface a textile character.

12 pastel, soft tones underline the natural look.

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The properties of DELIWALL in summary:

  • flame retardant according to SBI Euroclass DIN EN 13501, B - s2, d0
  • antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties
  • reduces viruses, bacteria and fungi on the surface by up to 99
  • robust and durable
  • high light resistance
  • impact resistant
  • abrasion resistant
  • easy to clean
  • width of 137 cm
  • resistant to disinfectants
  • recyclable
  • high-quality, environmentally friendly ingredients
  • best values in VOC test (A+)
  • 5 years warranty

You can find an overview of all products, their properties and processing instructions here.


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