The new plain fabrics Daisy DELILIGHT and Daisy Colour DELILIGHT leave a light and breezy impression. In line with the current design trend, their surfaces are matt and natural looking. They allow a pleasant light to shine through and a good view inside-out, but protect the room from prying eyes from the outside. A pleasant room atmosphere is guaranteed.

Both articles are room-high, have a good light fastness value of 5-6 and even withstand a hygienic wash of 72°C. The use of zinc ribbon instead of lead ribbon is particularly outstanding. Zinc ribbon as a weighting tape fulfils the same properties, but is much more environmentally friendly.

Daisy DELILIGHT is available in 2 colours, Daisy Colour DELILIGHT is available in a particularly wide range of 27 colourful shades.

The proerties in a glance:

  • room-high, no vertical seams
  • high light fastness of 5-6
  • 72°C hygienic wash possible (beneficial in health and care areas)
  • easy to care for
  • soft flowing
  • acoustically effective, class E
  • wide range of colours
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • recyclable, because its material is pure
  • curtain weighting in the form of a more environmentally friendly zinc ribbon (instead of lead ribbon)

Daisy Colour DELILIGHT

It is the colourful all-round and basic curtain/store for all segments. Daisy Colour has a finely graduated, modern colour palette of 27 colours. It starts with noble, nuanced natural shades and moves on to a variety of intense and pastel colours. Snow white, linen beige, dark taupe, deep black, soft rosé, coral, paprika, soft salmon, terracotta, saffron, intense warm and cool shades of yellow and green, mint, petrol, soft blues and lavender, to name but a few, are the colours of this net curtain. The item is available with or without zinc ribbon. Daisy Colour is piece-dyed and therefore available as a custom colour from 300m.


This basic net curtain is available in white and cream white and is an all-rounder for projects of all kinds.

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