DIMOUT, BLACKOUT or DELINIGHT - DELIUS fabrics for darkening curtains with function

Whether Dimout or Blackout, DELIUS darkening fabrics guarantee perfect performance. Our blackouts achieve 100% blackout, our dimouts 99% What both can do is combined in the DELINIGHT collection: the absolutely innovative blackout fabrics are soft, flowing, flexible and darken as effectively as a blackout - one hundred percent and sustainably.

DELIBLACK - Blackout fabrics

Blackouts have a 100% darkening effect. These fabrics block out any light. This is due to the acrylic soft coating on the back which ensures that light rays cannot penetrate. This coating is particularly soft on DELIUS blackouts: the fabrics retain their soft drape. All DELIBLACK articles are free of DecaBDE (Decabromdiphenylether). A total of 15 different articles are available in a wide variety of fabric structures, some of which are room-high.

The properties at a glance:

  • 100% darkening effect
  • DecaBDE free
  • Insensitive to dirt due to stain
  • protection on the front side
  • High-quality acrylate for all blackout fabrics
  • Natural and soft handle
  • Soft back coating, available in grey and white (depending on the product)
  • Less susceptible to coating abrasion, because DELIUS blackouts are produced with 3-4 coating layers
  • Large variety of articles, many different surfaces
  • Extensive colour range
  • Washable at 30°C (Health & Care 60°C)
  • Flame retardancy tested and certified for a wide range of countries
  • All blackouts are available in special colours
  • Special developments are possible on a wide range of base fabrics


... or should we say the blackout, which is a dimout? No matter how we twist or turn it: this fabric is an innovation. DELINIGHT fabrics combine all the advantages of a dimout fabric but gives a 100% blackout. This is possible without the usual coating on the back side. DELINIGHT articles are thus a soft flowing blackout with a textile drape. They are available in finely graded grey, natural shades and in strong colours, where front and back are identical. Even the brightest colour has a 100% blackout factor; it is also usable as a print base cloth. It can therefore be designed individually.

The properties at a glance:

  • 100 % degree of darkening
  • 100 % recyclable, since it is unmixed
  • resource-saving
  • best acoustic properties, class A
  • extremely soft drape
  • washable at a minimum of 30 °C (Health & Care 60 °C)
  • customized colours possible
  • Soft Colour in 280 cm fabric width
  • durable in daily use and easy to clean

DIMOUT fabrics

DELIUS offers DIMOUTs in limitless design and variety. Whether printed in plain, grafiic, floral designs or with weaving effects with real-looking jaquard-structures, DIMOUT provide versatile possibilities. The double-sided printing of attractive designs even double the overall attractiveness of our DIMOUT. Tangible and impressive are also surface effects in stripe or floral designs. Dimout reduces the usual light transmission from 40 % to only 1 %. In other words: During the day this wonderful fabric quality produces a pleasant diffuse light. At night it carefully absorbs every ray of daylight.Printing in matching dark colours on the back of the fabric can increase the darkening effect.

  • high darkening effekt
  • inherently flame retardant according to international norms
  • elegant, softly flowing fall
  • pleasant feel
  • versatile application
  • sound absorbing
  • 60 standard plain colours, 4,800 print colours
  • many print designs with designed back
  • individual design starting at 300 meters per colour
  • easy care

Product overview of BLACKOUT & DELINIGHT articles

Product overview of the Dimout articles