Fourteen good reasons for Blackout fabrics from DELIUS

  1. With 11 DELIBLACK articles the choice in the range of 100% darkening fabrics is very large. Compared to other blackout suppliers DELIUS offers the largest selection.
  2. Structured blackouts from DELIUS have at least three, but mostly four coating strokes on the back. Therefore they are less susceptible to "pinholes". 
    What are pinholes? If the coating is damaged, light will shine through the fabric at this point. This unwanted phenomenon is called pinholes or starlight. Air pockets can also occur between the individual coating strokes on the production side, resulting in a lower density of the coating at these points. Blackouts with 3 or 4 coating strokes ensure that these irregularities in density are not perceived as translucent.
  3. The back coating of the blackouts consists of a high-quality acrylic soft coating with textile flock. The less grippy, cheaper silicone coatings are not used. For the front side we use polyester articles suitable for objects and not often inferior cotton or poly-cotton articles.
  4. With a total of 179 positions, extensive colour palettes offer a wide range of design possibilities.
  5. Three of the DELIBLACK articles (Moon, Balea, Marla) have a grey back. These are less susceptible to soiling and are perceived as less conspicuous from the outside when closed.
  6. Various fabric structures are included in the range: Linen structures for Moon, Alto and Phoenix, shantung look for Balea, a modern changeant look for Marla and a natural wool look for Lennox.
  7. In terms of flame-retardancy tests DELIUS Blackouts are well prepared and can serve many different markets: DIN 4102/B1, M1, BS 5867, TYPE B, IMO Res. A471 (XII), NFPA701, EN 13773, C1, etc. (depending on the article). Even the desire for Oeko-Tex we can serve with some of our Blackout articles. 
  8. Basically all DELIBLACK articles are washable.
  9. All offered blackouts are available in special colours on request.
  10. For special projects in your own design, we keep smooth as well as structured print basic goods in stock.
  11. Besides the usual widths of 140 cm DELIUS also offers blackouts in 280 and even in 290 (Marla) and 300 cm width (Moon).
  12. Blackouts require a protected, special packaging so that they will not be damaged in the warehouse or during transport. We have the necessary packaging and logistics expertise for this.
  13. A special stain protection on the front side ensures a long-lasting clean look and thus a longer life and less maintenance. The back is also protected from yellowing due to environmental influences. 
  14. Delius Blackouts are basically free of Decabrom.

Care of Blackout fabrics

All DELIUS Blackout's can be washed at 30°C delicates. The 60°C wash, which is important for Healthe & Care, is also possible with some DELIBLACK fabrics. 

In order to avoid damages on the backside, the given loading quantity in the washing machine must not be exceeded. Please observe the manufacturer's instructions in the operating instructions. Dry cleaning is not possible.

Blackouts must not be dried in the dryer and only ironed from the uncoated side, namely from the front side. 

Coated blackout articles are characterized by a degree of darkening of 100%. To achieve this, the coated back is flocked to achieve a nice, soft fall of the fabric.
This flocking makes the back sensitive to mechanical influences. 

In order to avoid damage to the back of the fabric, it is therefore important to ensure that it does not come into contact with sharp utensils.
We recommend cutting from the left side of the fabric to protect the coated side.
The goods should always be transported in rolled condition only. If Blackout curtains are transported lying down in the carton, avoid pressure.