DELITHERM® - Our textile contribution towards reducing CO2 emissions

Energy saver made of metallised yarn - soft drape and washable

DELITHERM® fabrics are energy savers both in summer and winter. In summer the drawn curtains reduce solar radiation by up to 55% and prevent the extreme heating up of rooms. Equally, in winter DELITHERM® prevents the loss of heat through the window and keeps it in the room. One can save up to 15% of the heating cost.


In both cases our fabrics help to protect the climate. They reduce CO2 emissions because the use of air conditioners, ventilators and radiators can be reduced. DELITHERM® fabrics function similarly to sun protection systems but they are more durable, easy to clean and long lasting. Above all, they are the cosy alternative to the clean classic sun protection.




How does DELITHERM® work?

DELITHERM® fabrics are made of high-gloss special yarns. These effectively reflect thermal radiation and thus ensure a comfortable indoor climate, regardless of the season. Tests conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute confirm these properties.

  • DELITHERM® fabrics are usable as:
  • sheers
  • curtains
  • linings
  • roman blinds
  • panels
  • DELITHERM® briefly summarised:
  • energy saving thanks to the reflection of light rays and heat
  • reduction of CO2 emissions
  • washable at 30°C
  • soft drape
  • hard-wearing in daily use; unlike coated sun protection qualities, there are no creases

Light and solar technical properties

Light technical properties (optical) according to DIN EN 410      Alpha EosGamma
Tl21 %            8 %          0 %            
Rl67% 73 %50 %
Al12 % 19 %50 %


Solar technical properties according to DIN EN 410Alpha EosGamma
Ts21 % 9 %0 %
Rs67 % 72 %49 %
As12 % 19 %51 %


Solar Properties | Double glazing with thermal insulation coating:    
 Alpha EosGamma
UV transmission according to DIN EN 41015 % 1 %0 %
FC value DIN EN 14501 20060,52 % 0,44 %0,59 %
G value DIN EN 133630,36 % 0,33 %0,44 %


Product overview of the DELITHERM articles

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