The dimout that is a blackout, or should we say the blackout that is a dimout? No matter how we twist or turn it: This fabric is a sustainable innovation. The DELINIGHT darkening fabrics combine all the advantages of a dimout, but darken like a blackout, namely 100%.

DELINIGHT fabrics are resource-friendly as well, because they are made of 100 % flame-retardant polyester.

As opposed to conventional blackouts, which get their function from the acrylate soft coating, DELINIGHT fabrics are completely recyclable since they are unmixed. Because plastics can only be recycled if they consist of a single type of plastic and no other components are mixed in - just like our DELINIGHT fabrics.

And that's not all: Soft & Soft Colour have excellent acoustic properties. Classified in sound absorber class A, they significantly improve the room acoustics.

The properties at a glance:

  • 100 % degree of darkening
  • 100 % recyclable, since it is unmixed
  • resource-saving
  • best acoustic properties, class A
  • extremely soft drape
  • washable at a minimum of 30 °C (Health & Care 60 °C)
  • customized colours possible
  • Soft Colour in 280 cm fabric width
  • durable in daily use and easy to clean

DELINIGHT blackouts compared to conventional blackouts with acrylic soft coating

The blackout effect of DELINIGHT fabrics is achieved through their uniquely dense fabric construction and the yarn used. No rays of light can penetrate the fabric.

A visual advantage is the identical front and back. This allows for a flexible use of the fabric and sets up a colourful and attractive image on the outside of a building.

The functional advantage lies in the durability of the fabrics. DELINIGHT is not susceptible to pinholes (small holes that can occur on an acrylic soft coating) and thus provides an evenly darkened surface.

DELINIGHT products conserve our resources as they are excellently suited for a sustainable circular economy. With this contribution, DELINIGHT supports numerous environmental programs of various organisations.


Soft DELINIGHT is available in finely graded grey and natural shades in a fabric width of 150 cm. Even the brightest colour has a 100% blackout factor; it is also usable as a print base cloth. It can therefore be designed individually.

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Soft Colour impresses with its extensive colour palette and is available as room-high in a width of 280 cm. As with the Soft DELINIGHT, we achieve 100% darkening without coating on the back.

Starting with noble natural shades, the colour range of Soft Colour cleverly combines strong and deep shades with trendy and soft colours. The shades range from scarlet red, tangerine and bright gold to soft green, blushed lagoon and deep blue.

Note: SOFT COLOUR is a high quality satin fabric, which is characterised by a weave-related subtle traverse accentuation on the surface, especially with darker colours.

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