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Durable upholstery fabrics with design appeal

Furniture upholstery fabrics in the contract sector are exposed to extreme loads - the office chair that is in daily use, the armchair in the reception area of a hotel lobby or the chairs in the waiting area of a doctor's surgery. DELIUS has the solution especially for high-traffic areas with high design requirements: 

Gavi, Genua, Gomez, Giga and Goso are upholstery fabrics that have a value of at least 80,000 abrasion cycles and are therefore extremely resistant to abrasion and wear. With these fabrics, you can enjoy your furniture for a long time to come.
Furniture fabrics in the 80,000+ range impress with their clear design, natural look and extensive range of colors. Genua has a purist look thanks to its coarse weave and is therefore particularly suitable for a modern, clean design. The coarse plain weave in a braided look from Gomez demonstrates the fashionable demand for a natural look in combination with the requirements for contract qualities.

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Dimout advantages & functions

Multifunctional down to the last detail

Delius Acoustic
Delius Hard wearing
Hard Wearing
Delius Recyclable
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Quality features

  • Large selection of colors and textures
  • 100 % recyclable, as it is unmixed
  • High acoustic effectiveness
  • high abrasion resistance
  • high light fastness
  • hard-wearing and easy to clean
  • EU Ecolabel for Goso, Gavi, Genua
  • Oeko-Tex
  • Möbelfacta

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