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Wool is an extraordinary natural fiber that produces extremely high-quality and sustainable fabrics thanks to its properties. Obtained from sheep's fur, wool is a renewable raw material that mankind has been using for more than 8,000 years. The positive properties of wool result from the complex structure of the fiber. The interaction of the outer sheath cuticle and the fiber stem cortex result in valuable functions that no other fiber combines.

Multifunctional on a natural basis

Wool fabrics are equally suitable as upholstery fabrics and curtain fabrics. They radiate warmth and homeliness and can have both a cozy and puristic appearance.

Delius 100 Wool
100 % Wolle
Delius Acoustic
Delius Recyclable
Delius Deliflamm
flame retardant
11.0.86412 BLACK

Quality features

  • inherently flame retardant
  • Breathable
  • chemical and mechanical self-cleaning properties
  • water-repellent due to hydrophobic outer shell
  • robust, stretchy, pressure-elastic and resistant
  • crease-resistant
  • good acoustic properties
  • temperature-regulating, insulating against heat and cold
  • antistatic
  • water-repellent
  • odor-resistant

Product overview of wool fabrics