Item number 22069, KMAT 61000218

Product description

DELIUS upholstery fabrics with DELIGARD technology are particularly resistant to moisture and dirt. The innovative system gives bacteria, dirt and moisture no chance. The technology prevents the growth of germs and therefore offers lasting cleanliness even under heavy use. They are the solution for long-lasting stain-free upholstery.
The surface is covered with a special coating that protects the fabric from the penetration of dirt. The protective layer on the reverse side prevents moisture and wetness from penetrating.
The special character of Fellini X DELIGARD lies in its very soft and woolly surface. In addition, a light color melange underlines this cozy look.
Fellini X can be used in almost all public areas. In hotel rooms, lobbies, restaurants, hotel bars and retirement homes, DELIGARD fabrics contribute to long-lasting clean upholstery.

Technical Details

Fabric width
approx. 144 cm
Weight per m²
approx. 520 g/m²
Repeat Pattern
no repeat
Nutzschicht 100% Polyester
Flame retardancy
IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 8, 1 / M, BS 5852 CRIB 5, DIN EN 1021-2, DIN EN 1021-1, CAL TB 117, NFPA 260

Flammability performance is dependant on the foam used.

Light fastness
note 4
Rubbing fastness
DIN EN ISO 105‑X12
dry: note 4-5, wet: note 4-5
Abrasion to Martindale
DIN EN ISO 12947‑2
DIN EN 14465‑2006
approx. 45000 rubs
DIN EN ISO 12945‑2
Note 4 at 2000 rpm
Care labelling

See cleaning instructions for DELIGARD qualities

The above technical data are average values. These values ​​only describe the technical characteristics and the chemical composition of the delivered goods. Warranties are not given.