Item number 37055, KMAT 61000170

Product description

DELIMAR fabrics have been specially developed for outdoor use. This upholstery fabric is made from the innovative Polyolefinic FR fiber, which permanently combines many positive properties. Flame retardancy, high light fastness, chlorine and seawater resistance and weather resistance are the hallmarks of this special fiber. The designs are machine-washable at 40°C and quick-drying, so that mold and bacteria cannot form in the first place. DELIMAR fabrics are free of harmful substances, antistatic and water-repellent. Samos enchants with its distinctive 3D design, which is a visual and tactile experience. Three natural shades and three vibrant colors offer design variety for terraces, pool areas, lounges and restaurants. DELIMAR fabrics should not be missing in hotels and on cruise ships around the world. With their memorable structures, they are an enrichment for the rooftop bar, the pool area, the outdoor lounge, the spa or the summer terrace. But they also create a special ambience indoors and offer great added value with their easy-care functions.

Technical Details

Fabric width
approx. 140 cm
Weight per m²
approx. 569 g/m²
Repeat Pattern
no repeat
100% Polyolefinic FR
Flame retardancy
IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 8, BS 5852 CRIB 5, DIN EN 1021-2, DIN EN 1021-1, CAL TB 117, NFPA 260

Flammability performance is dependant on the foam used.

Light fastness
note 6
Wash fastness 40°C
DIN EN ISO 105‑C06
note 5
Dimensional change Washing 40°C
warp approx. +/-1%, weft approx. +/-1%
Seawater safety
DIN EN ISO 105-B02
note 4-5
Chlorine water safety
note 4-5
Rubbing fastness
DIN EN ISO 105‑X12
dry: note 4-5, wet: note 4-5
Abrasion to Martindale
DIN EN ISO 12947‑2
DIN EN 14465‑2006
approx. 40000 rubs
DIN EN ISO 12945‑2
Note 4-5 at 2000 rpm
Care labelling
Additional information

This product consists of high quality Polyolefinic (Polypropylene) fibres. Lighter colours tend to discolour slightly under artificial lighting. This phenomenon is of technical nature. This effect is reverted under direct sunlight.

The above technical data are average values. These values ​​only describe the technical characteristics and the chemical composition of the delivered goods. Warranties are not given.