The design of office spaces has changed a lot in recent years. In the past, they were often kept cool and free of textiles, but today the trend is towards homely furnishings. Employees should feel comfortable at their workplace. The use of mobile work equipment means that they are less tied to the desk, so that even the armchair in the meeting corner can become a creative workplace. 

Increasingly, textiles are being used in the form of curtains at the windows or as room dividers. These not only radiate cosiness, but also noticeably improve the room acoustics. Sound absorbers in the form of partitions or wall elements are very popular. 
Conference islands for joint meetings also resemble comfortable seating landscapes, chairs are furnished with cosy fabrics and make working pleasant. 


Unpretentious plain curtain fabrics in many colours offer a wide scope for design. Subtle woven structures can be used to create elegant accents. 
Curtains and in-betweens provide a certain privacy, protect against prying eyes and thus favour concentrated work. 
There is a large selection of acoustic fabrics. The classics among them are our natural wool fabrics with excellent sound-absorbing properties. The acoustic curtains Jazz and Wave offer the perfect privacy and glare protection for windows.
For meeting rooms that also need to be darkened for presentation purposes, our Dimout collection offers versatile options.

View of all curtain fabrics for the office area

Upholstery Fabrics

They should be extremely hard-wearing and resistant, but also have a modern look. The upholstery fabrics in the 80,000+ collection and the High Performace are particularly suitable for this. They have a high abrasion resistance and offer great structures and a wide range of colours. If you like it more modern, use our 3D fabrics, which are unique visually, haptically and functionally.
Upholstery fabrics from the Deligard collection are particularly dirt-resistant and easy to clean, as they have a special cleaning system. They are particularly suitable for highly frequented areas, canteens or common rooms. 

View of all upholstery fabrics for the office area

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