Health & Care

The demands on fabrics for the care sector are high. On the one hand, they must be resistant, easy to clean and functional, but on the other hand, they must also radiate cosiness and comfort. To meet these demands, we have a wide range of fabrics in our assortment that cover the entire field of textile furnishing - from sheers to upholstery fabrics. 

Fabrics for care facilities:

  • curtain fabrics
  • antibacterial fabrics
  • upholstery fabrics with purity system
  • faux leather
  • blackout fabrics
  • inbetweens
  • wallcoverings 


Curtain fabrics

Textiles in a room create a homely ambience. Their colourfulness and ability to absorb sound give the room a pleasant atmosphere. Clear colours often spread a friendly, positive mood, while muted, natural shades radiate cosiness. If there is an outside shading system in the care facilities, classic curtains without a darkening function are sufficient. If this is not the case, however, curtains that darken the room should be used. Dimout Fabrics are the perfect solution here. 


An important factor for the use of fabrics in the health sector is their washability at higher temperatures. But this is also becoming increasingly important in hotels. Washing at 60 °C kills considerably more bacteria than washing at 30 °C or 40 °C. But it is also important that the fabric remains beautiful, i.e. does not become washed-out or creased. For this reason, we have tested a large number of fabrics for washability at 60°C and marked them accordingly on the website.
Some health institutions even require hygienic laundry, where the fabrics are washed at 72 °C. This washing temperature also kills viruses. We have also carried out tests on this and achieved a good result with 34 articles.


The currently proven and certified effectiveness of the treatment is directed against the following bacteria: Klebsiella pneumoniae. (Klebsiella pneumoniae: Can cause pneumonia (hospital infections) and other infections; are known as a multi-resistant bacterial strain).
The usage properties and flame retardancy existing for Platus also apply to the article with antibacterial finish. The minimum order quantity is 300 metres per colour. All colours of the Platus 300 colour range are available.

Transparent and semi-transparent sheers | Inbetweens

Sheers, whether transparent or semi-transparent, create a private atmosphere. They protect against prying eyes from outside, but allow the occupant to see outside and provide sufficient daylight into the room. 

Transparent curtains are very translucent and the classic complement to curtains. Semi-transparent curtains, also called inbetweens, are somewhat denser and can also be used without the classic curtain. 

Sheers & Inbetweens

Upholstery fabrics with cleanness system

DELIGARD upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics with DELIGARD technology are particularly resistant to moisture and dirt. The innovative system leaves no chance for bacteria, dirt and moisture. Beautiful designs on first-class fabric qualities offer extensive combination possibilities between upholstery and decorative fabrics. 

DELIUS upholstery fabrics with DELIGARD technology prevent the growth of germs and therefore offer lasting cleanliness even under heavy use. They are the solution for long-lasting stain-free upholstery.

The surface is covered by a special coating that protects the fabric from the penetration of impurities. The protective layer on the back prevents moisture and humidity from penetrating. 


Faux Leather

Faux leathers are an easy-care alternative to upholstery fabrics. They are basically easy to clean due to their smooth surfaces. However, not all faux leathers are resistant to disinfectants. If the faux leathers are not suitable for treatment with disinfectants, the colours may fade, the surfaces may become stained or brittle. All DELIUS faux leathers can be cleaned with disinfectants without losing their beauty.



Wall coverings with antibacterial properties contribute significantly to clean rooms. We have tested our wallpapers for the growth of bacteria on the surface and achieved the best results. Cleaning with disinfectants is also no problem.


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