DELIUS contract fabrics are permanently flame retardant. Therefore, every fabric bears the pictogram DELIFLAMM.

Decorative fabrics can be used as curtains and for cushions, bed skirts and other decorations.

Upholstery fabrics are used in all areas of upholstery, e.g. sofas, chairs or armchairs. Upholstery fabrics are always tested for their abrasion resistance. 

This pictogram stands for transparent and semi-transparent fabrics which are used as blinds/curtains.

Fabrics that are suitable for use as shower curtains are marked with this pictogram and bear the name DELIPERL.

We offer roman blinds and panel curtains under the brand name DELISTAR.

Fabrics for outdoor use must be able to withstand particularly harsh weather conditions. This pictogram DELIMAR marks the DELIUS fabrics for this application. 

The shipping industry places particularly high demands on our contract fabrics. Fabrics that meet these requirements are marked with the pictogram 'Shipping'.

High-quality wallcoverings made of extremely hard-wearing vinyl can be recognized by this pictogram. The products carry the additional name DELIWALL.

DELIGARD upholstery fabrics are furnishing fabrics with a special stain protection. 

Sound absorbing fabrics are also called acoustic fabrics. Fabrics with acoustic properties can be recognized by this pictogram.

Energy-efficient fabrics are called DELITHERM.

The selection of blackout fabrics in our collection is very large. They are called DIMOUT or DELIBLACK. You will therefore often encounter the pictogram. 

Antimicrobial fabrics used in hospitals and nursing homes are marketed under the name DELICARE.

The pictogram "antibacterial" is used if the substance has a significant to strong effectiveness against bacteria.

The pictogram "antimicrobial" is used if at least two of the three parameters such as antibacterial, antifungal or antiviral apply.