Rifat Sariyildiz, Employee in Quality Assurance

Ensuring quality

September 2021


Mr. Sariyildiz, what is your core activity in DELIUS Quality Assurance?
Here in Quality Assurance, we check our fabrics in the incoming goods department before we take them into stock. We use defined criteria to check whether the quality meets the textile standard and our quality requirements. The earlier we detect defects, the better. Then DELIUS can intervene in time and improve the condition of the goods. In this way, we minimize the risk of complaints and returns and are able to face the competition.

Which of your personal strengths comes into play here on a daily basis?
In quality assurance, you need an accurate eye, manual skills and solid textile knowledge. I grew into this through my training as a textile machine operator at DELIUS. You also have to be decisive, because every decision we make has consequences for which we are responsible.

What do you particularly like about your job?
Every day something new happens here. Every package that comes to us for testing may contain surprises. I like the fact that we always have to react to the unexpected here. And I can help to ensure that our customers receive their goods in the prevailing good DELIUS quality.

Thank you!

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