Brigitte Lange, Head of Project Management – May 2021

Project Management

May 2021


Which of your assets do you need every day here at Delius?
One of the biggest tasks in my daily business is to reconcile many different interests. The interior designer wants a high-quality, functional product and pursues his design aspirations. The operator shares this goal, but also wants to achieve it as cost-efficiently as possible. The contracter then needs the product at a certain point in time.
Each party sets a different focus. Finding the optimal solution for everyone here requires not only product knowledge and organization skills, but also diplomacy. But that's also what makes the work so exciting and versatile and I learn something new every day.

What is the Alpha and Omega of project management?
I can't boil it down to just one quality. Of course, a certain level of communication skills is important, because we advise a wide variety of project participants. This starts with the hotel group, the investor, the contracter and the interior designer, but we are also in close contact with the contractors, interior decorators and furniture manufacturers. One should also not underestimate the fact that you need a good understanding of numbers and good self-organisation to be able to guarantee reliable project work.

What kind of projects are particularly challenging?
There is always a particularly high demand when the project participants have a very precise idea of the final result and we then develop exactly that. Then extraordinary precision is required. But that's also how we always come up with great new fabrics that combine function and design wonderfully.
Working on hotel concepts is also always exciting and thrilling. When we finally see our products in the room books, it was definitely worth the effort.

Thank you!

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