Dr. Marc Schmidt, Managing Director of Delius Holding GmbH. © Bernhard Pierel/WESTFALEN-BLATT


A small balance sheet

14 January 2021


Dr. Schmidt, you have been the Managing Director of Delius Holding GmbH for a year now. What is your balance sheet?
That 2020 went differently than expected was probably the case for everyone. That it was challenging is also clear. Nevertheless, it was also a good opportunity to get to know the company better and, in particular, the people in this company. In the view of the special conditions that the year offered us, we did not exchange information about the latest market trends, product developments, customer events or other business in the usual way in workshops, at trade fairs and conferences. It was much more about the unknown risks and dangers facing each individual, the families and the company and how we deal with them. It was therefore an unusual situation and a special challenge in which we learned a lot together and a time in which teamwork, cohesion and trust had an even greater significance.


What is your survival tip for business management in a crisis?
I keep it with an Arab proverb: There are only two camels that make it through ANY desert: Patience and humour.
So, the important thing for me in all crises is to act even more prudently and confidently, to communicate actively in order to also take away worries and fears and to continue to move forward in a disciplined manner and small steps. And if possible, please don't lose your sense of humour in the process, because worse is always possible. ...


Did you develop a new habit during the lockdown that you would like to keep afterwards?
In the past few months I've had more time for walks in nature and for reading. I would really like to keep that up. By the way, I borrowed a great book from our esteemed colleague Peter Ellerbrock, whom I would like to thank very much. (The book will also be back soon ... . Promise.) "Rethinking Our World – An Invitation" by Maja Göpel. She is not only a sustainability researcher, but also from Bielefeld. That's already two good prerequisites. ;-)  
And under the impression of the Corona crisis, many passages of her current book seem to be apt remarks also on the current situation. Here is a small excerpt as a stimulus: Our world is at a tipping point, and we feel it. On the one hand, we are better off than ever, but on the other hand, distortions, destruction and crises are showing up everywhere we look. Whether environment or society – seemingly at the same time, our systems are under stress. We suspect that things will not and cannot stay the way they are. ...


Thank you very much! 
Thank you for the interview and I am looking forward to the time after Corona, especially to the personal encounters again, which I also miss very much. But until then, please stay healthy and confident.

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