Victoria Morris, Head of Back Office

In the Back Office

April 2021


What skills are particularly required in your position?
In our company, and especially in my position, it is important to put the needs of our customers first. We are also required to constantly reflect on and optimise procedures and processes. We try to do this together as a team. That's why I attach great importance to close cooperation with my colleagues. Since my tasks are varied and unpredictable, it is necessary to approach the concerns of clients and colleagues in a structured and at the same time flexible way.

How do you deal with pressure situations?
There is strength in calm! In such situations it is important to keep a cool head and think before acting. In these moments, I want to radiate security and orientation to my colleagues. As a calming influence, I want to set a good example.

How do you manage to motivate your staff even on busy days?
Basically, I want to create an open and fault-tolerant atmosphere in which everyone can learn from each other. If we support each other as a team, a patient and understanding climate can be created in which we can also master stressful days.

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