Birke Göddertz, Head of Design

Textiledesign for Hotels

August 2021


DELIUS focuses on high-quality textiles for hotels. What distinguishes your collections?
First and foremost their functionality. Also their versatility. But functions such as flame retardancy, blackout, acoustics, energy efficiency and many others are in the foreground. We are different from other suppliers because we have product development behind us that aims to combine design and function.


Where do you get your inspiration for new collections?
On the one hand, of course ­– as far as possible – at trade fairs and on trips. Milan is a crucial address. You see a lot of input there.
But also on Instagram, Pinterest and in magazines – preferably international ones. A lot also with furniture manufacturers, interior or product designers. As a designer, you go through the world with your eyes open and also perceive a lot subconsciously.


How do you achieve maximum comfortability in a hotel room?
Especially in the current times, many things are changing. People have a strong need for an embrace and a mindful everyday life. Interior concepts should find an answer to this basic human need. It is about safety, togetherness and social interaction. As textile designers, we respond to this with natural-appearing fabrics, haptically stimulating fabric structures and a tendency towards softer color schemes.


Thank you! 


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