Sascha Gläsel, Head of Shipping, Transport and Warehouse Logistics

Logistics center

July 2021


How big is your team at the DELIUS logistics center in Spenge?
In total, we are a team of 29 employees. 7 in the sample department, 3 in quality management, 1 employee for building management, 10 in the warehouse and packing department and 8 in office and shipping.

What is your personal strategy for keeping an overview here?
In general, I can't and don't want to keep an eye on everyone here and follow their every move. That's no fun in the end. My job is to provide the framework for the work and the tools to do it. Then each employee has a certain amount of personal responsibility and each team has a team leader who then keeps an eye on his team and the implementation. In the end, I'm the one who fine-tunes things if necessary and discusses them with the team leaders. What I want to say is that we can only achieve our goal here as a team and through reliable community and never as lone warriors. The team concept must have top priority.

Which of your personal strengths comes into play here every day?
Oh, difficult question for me and it would be best if my colleagues could answer that. But I believe that I am perceived here as an active contact person. I think that as a supervisor, you not only have to know your subject, but you also have to be there for your employees, perhaps even first and foremost, and take their problems and concerns seriously. In general, you have to exemplify what you expect from your team, otherwise it won't work in the long run. If you can also bring along a certain sense of humor and put a little smile on the employees' faces from time to time, then you can make a difference for the employees as a supervisor. I think things like organizational skills or strategic thinking are basic requirements.

Thank you very much!

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