Sylke Mikolajczak, Head of Marketing

No day like another

October 2021


Where was Delius when you started and where are we today?
That was in 2010. Delius was just about to launch a marketing department. That was of course very exciting for my job as head of marketing, and sometimes very challenging. There was so much to do and you could be so creative. There was still, as you say, a lot of room to grow. In the past 10 years, we have achieved some of our goals. We are well-known in the market and stand for functional contract fabrics for the hotel and care sectors. Let's see what the future will bring. After all, you're never finished.

What do you love about your job?
That it never gets boring. No day is like the other, each one offers new challenges, new opportunities, new ideas. That's what makes it fun for me.

What is the unique selling point of the DELIUS brand? 
Function Matters! We base everything we do on this principle. In development, product management, marketing, sales and logistics.
Delius has clearly focused on the contract market. Every article that wants to be included in the collection must have a function. At the very least, it must be flame retardant. If it can do even more, all the better. And, of course, it must also meet our exacting design standards. This is ensured by our design team, which develops our articles here in Bielefeld.

Thank you!

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