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Curtain fabrics

Fabrics for a homely atmosphere

Curtain fabrics are available in various degrees of transparency. Transparent curtain fabrics, also known as curtains or blinds, are primarily used as privacy screens. When they are drawn, you are protected from prying eyes from outside without depriving the room of the necessary light. They give us the privacy we need to feel comfortable. Different colours can also be used to influence the mood.

Inbetweens, as the name suggests, are somewhat more densely woven than the fine blind. They are the modern version of classic curtains, as they are more striking in their structure and design statement. Without the use of side curtains, their effect is particularly modern. They are also ideal as panel curtains or pleated blinds.

Opaque curtains are available as plain fabrics, printed or as elaborate jacquards. Natural looks with beautiful textures and unusual yarn effects are on trend. In addition to the extensive colour palettes, almost every colour is also available as a special colour.

Decorative fabrics are not only used as curtains, but also as cushion covers, wall coverings, bed surrounds or bedheads to create a homely ambience. In whatever shape and colour, they contribute significantly to a positive room atmosphere and set accents.

Their acoustic properties should not be underestimated either. Depending on the nature of the fabric, they can have excellent sound-absorbing properties. Find out more via this link.

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Dimouts and blackouts

Darkening fabrics are very important for hotels. On the one hand, this is due to their function of darkening the room for the night. But they also have a major influence on the design of the hotel room. After all, they take up a large part of the window area, especially when they are closed, and therefore have a significant impact on the interior.

Dimout & Blackout

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Transparent and semi-transparent curtains

Whether transparent or semi-transparent, they protect against views from outside and give hotel guests a sense of security and privacy. But they are also an important design element in public areas. Modern, net-like inbetweens in particular are a real eye-catcher here.

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Multifaceted decorative fabrics

They are available in plain or patterned, classic or modern, trendy or timeless. The choice of colors is limitless. Use fabrics to create colourful accents that enrich the ambience.

Decorative fabrics


Exclusive velvets

Velvets radiate exclusivity and are therefore ideal for sophisticated product presentations at the point of sale. Whether as curtains for booths, for shop window design, as upholstery fabric or showcase cladding, velour is always an eye-catcher.

In addition to the sophisticated effect, the sound-absorbing properties of velour should not be underestimated.

Velvet fabrics at a glance

Multifunctional with high design standards

Variable for individual items.

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Individual design & advice

You can't find the right colour in our collection? Do you need a special solution for your project? Would you like the CI colours to be reflected in the textiles for your concept? We can produce all of this for you on request. Our field consultants will be happy to advise you and help you find the right fabrics for your project.

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