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Textile Trends 2024

Trends 2024

Let's get inspired

Here we have put together the latest trends for you.

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Topic 1 | Upholstery fabrics

Cuddle factor not excluded

Different textures of modern bouclés, natural melange in a wool look and soft chenille create seating furniture for more atmosphere and comfort. It meets all the requirements for functional contract fabrics such as flame retardancy, high durability and ease of care.

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MOLITOR Soundchair

Topic 1

Our cozy upholstery fabrics

Soft and structured.

"The best designer is nature. She combines a wealth of structures, shapes and colors in the best possible way and never ceases to amaze us. This is exactly what good design is all about: aesthetics paired with function."

Lisa Kissel | Head of Design

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Topic 2

Colored accents

The stimulating combination of deep and vibrant colors brings creativity to interior design and offers space for versatile combinations. Shades of green inspired by nature are reminiscent of a walk in the woods on soft moss, the spectrum of colors looks noble and harmonious. The contrast with the fresh trend colors 23/24 Apricot and Sun Orange, paired with delicate shades of pink, sets modern accents and makes the color mood glow. An ambience of calm and security, but also freshness and naturalness.

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Topic 3

Soft Pastels

Muted, light and soft  shades of color are currently trending in the interior design sector. Creative names such as Matcha Green, Cloud 9, Burned Lilac, Dreamy Aqua and Lava Smoke describe this new world of color.

The delicate color nuances bathe rooms in a bright, friendly light. They radiate color without dominating the room. An absolute must-have for 2024 - have you tried it yet?

Soft eis

Discover our Soft Pastels

Topic 4

Sustainability & Design

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As a family business in its 10th generation, we consistently pursue the path of sustainable action. Sustainability is an important component of our corporate strategy. With EcoLine, we have developed a product line that meets high standards in terms of sustainability as well as design and functionality. The decorative and upholstery fabrics in this collection are made from 100% recycled PET bottle yarns and can be recycled again thanks to their purity.

In addition to textiles that conserve resources and a take-back system that returns our fabrics for recycling, we are constantly working on new ways and opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint.

Find out more in our sustainability report

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Novelties 2024

These substances are waiting to be used

With beautifully lightweight decorative fabrics and sustainable faux leather, we will enrich your projects in 2024.

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