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Recycled fabrics

EcoLine | Textiles made from recycled PET bottles

Natural resources and the earth's capacity to absorb pollutants are limited. That is why we want to use finite resources responsibly so that present and future generations can continue to live on our beautiful earth . With this collection, we want to make our contribution to this.

What does EcoLine stand for? 
EcoLine stands for functional, permanently flame-retardant fabrics with a reduced ecological footprint. They are made from yarns from recycled PET bottles, among other things. Sustainability, functionality and high-quality design come together here in one product line 

Why sustainable? 
In contrast to conventional polyester, the production of recycled polyester is much more energy-efficient. The recycling of existing plastics means that less crude oil has to be extracted and valuable resources are conserved. Recycling also offers a solution to our huge plastic problem.

Our contribution
Between 26-40% recycled polyester based on PET bottles is used in the production of the yarn for the EcoLine collection. Used plastic bottles are used, which accumulate as waste in the country where the yarn is produced 

All items are unmixed and can be recycled at the end of their life cycle. As the manufacturer, we are happy to take back the finished goods for recycling 

EcoLine advantages & functions

Sustainable and functional

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Further advantages of our EcoLine collection:

  • made from yarns from recycled PET bottles
  • Fabrics are recyclable as they are unmixed
  • 300 cm fabric width ensures easy processing (decorative fabrics)
  • 72°C hygiene wash possible (decorative fabrics)
  • Permanently flame retardant
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • GRS certification
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Product overview of ECOLINE fabrics