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Biophilic design for beautiful living in old age

Care. Collection

Textile interior design for care facilities

We have put together this collection with great attention to detail and special attention to design and function. Based on the concept of Healing Architecture and inspired by the idea of Biophilic Design, we have created a collection that covers the entire range of textile furnishings in the care sector. Because the products can be combined with each other, CARE offers countless color concepts and motifs from which you can design the right living environments for your residents.

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Care.Collection advantages & functions

Multifunctional down to the last detail

Delius Antimicrobial
Delius Clean Air
Clean Air
Delius Disinfection wash
Desinfection wash
Delius Hygienic Wash
hygienic wash
Delius Resistant to Disinfectants
resistant to desinfections
Delius Water Repellant
Water repallent
Delius Highly Darkening
highly darkening
Delius Deliflamm
flame retardant

The collection consisted of:

  • printed, nature-inspired inbetweens (semi-transparent curtain fabrics), also available as DELICARE versions on request
  • Blackout fabrics / dimouts, also available as DELICARE versions on request
  • blinds (transparent & semi-transparent), also as DELICARE version on request
  • easy-care and antimicrobial DELIGARD upholstery fabrics
  • Disinfectant-resistant, partly also antibacterial synthetic leathers
  • Wall coverings with antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • Shower curtains with antimicrobial properties
  • All items are flame-retardant in accordance with the prescribed
  • flammability criteria and can therefore be used without hesitation in the care sector


Antimicrobial & air-purifying substances

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We develop high-quality contract fabrics and wall coverings for feel-good worlds with aesthetics and function. Our flame-retardant decorative fabrics, upholstery fabrics and wallpapers give hotels, restaurants, care homes, cinemas, offices and schools a homely atmosphere.

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The colors of care

CARE - This collection was developed in collaboration with industry experts specifically to meet the needs of senior living. It consists of functional, flame-retardant textiles and wall coverings. The color scheme and the design of the surfaces and motifs focus on the needs of people in care facilities and all collection items are equipped with suitable functionalities. Discover the diverse color worlds and designs of the CARE. Collection.

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Background information

Life in old age

Can't you live in the same way in old age as you do today? Are there any special requirements? What do you need to pay particular attention to? We have compiled some facts for you.

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"Moving into a care facility is a major change in the lives of people in need of care and their relatives. It is usually accompanied by health impairments."

Gudrun Kaiser | Dipl.-Ing. Architect

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Courage to color

Under the influence of the clear and cheerful simplicity of the Finnish design world, designer Elke Bentfeld has created a colorful and bold collection that brings cheerfulness and joie de vivre to care and healthcare facilities. The three curtain designs become emotional carriers and promote positive, neurological stimulation. 

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Product overview of the Care.Collection