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Energy-saving curtains to reduce CO2 emissions

DELITHERM® fabrics are energy savers for summer and winter. In summer, they reduce solar radiation at the window by up to 55% when closed and prevent rooms from heating up excessively. DELITHERM® also prevents heat loss at the window in winter and keeps the heat in the room. Up to 15% of heating costs can be saved In both cases, the fabrics make a contribution to climate protection. They reduce CO2 emissions, as the use of air conditioning units, fans and heaters can be reduced. DELITHERM® fabrics work in a similar way to sun protection systems, but are much less sensitive, easier to care for and more durable. Above all, they are the homely alternative to clean, classic sun shading.

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Gamma Colour DELITHERM®
Delitherm gammacolour
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How does DELITHERM work?

DELITHERM® fabrics are made from special high-gloss yarns. These effectively reflect heat rays and thus ensure a pleasant indoor climate at any time of year. Tests at the Fraunhofer Institute confirm these properties.

DELITHERM® advantages & functions

Multifunctional down to the last detail

Delius Energy Efficient
energy efficient
Delius CO2reducing
Co2 reducing
Delius Highly Darkening
highly darkening Gamma DELITHERM®
Delius Roomhigh seamless hanging
room high
Delius Recyclable
Delius Deliflamm
flame retardant

DELITHERM® summarized:

  • save energy by reflecting light rays or heat rays
  • reduce CO2 emissions
  • washable at 40° delicates
  • soft flowing
  • insensitive in daily use; no handle marks or creases as with vaporized sun protection articles
  • can be used as curtains, drapes, linings, panel curtains
Delitherm wärmeverlust sommer en delius
Function of DELITHERM® in summer
Delitherm wärmeverlust winter en delius
Function of DELITHERM® in winter
Fc wert
Thermal room comfort | FC value

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