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Blackout fabrics for a restful sleep

Blackout curtains are indispensable in hotels. They darken the room at any time of day and allow guests to enjoy a restful night's sleep. 100% darkening with a blackout or 99% with a dimout? We can help you decide and offer a comprehensive range of high-quality blackout fabrics in modern and classic structures - for hotels, health & care and other contract areas. 
DELIUS blackout fabrics are flame-retardant, comply with international standards and optimize room acoustics. With our DELINHGHT innovation, we are redefining the topic of room darkening and expanding our selection of first-class and functional fabrics for perfect darkening.

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Darkening of up to 99 %

DIMOUTS do justice to their purpose, with a light transmission of just 1 %. During the day they create a pleasant diffuse light, at night they absorb almost every ray of light. Whether plain or printed, in graphic and floral designs or woven in a deceptively real jacquard look - our soft, flowing fabrics are extremely versatile. Both sides of the uncoated fabric can be individually designed, for example the reverse side can be color-matched to the design on the front. This makes our dimouts doubly attractive and guarantees design freedom for interior design that makes a subtle difference.


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100 % blackout without back coating

A DIMOUT that is a blackout or a blackout that is a dimout? Whichever way we look at it: Our soft DELINIGHT fabrics are the innovation for room darkening with fabrics. They combine the advantages of soft flowing dimouts with the 100% blackout effect of a blackout. The secret lies in the fabric construction: the combination of a dense satin weave with the yarn used. It guarantees that no rays of light penetrate. Like our dimouts, they allow the greatest possible freedom of design and harmonious views - both inside and out. All fabrics in our DELINIGHT range are single-variety and sustainable - also 100%.


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Blackout | the classic with backing

The products in our DELIBLACK collections are the classics among blackouts. They guarantee a blackout level of 100%. This is ensured by a care-resistant acrylate soft coating on the reverse side.  The pleasantly soft coating allows the fabrics to drape smoothly, making them ideal for making up into curtains: for a restful night's sleep in hotels or healthcare facilities, living spaces in retirement homes or for shading conference rooms and offices.

All DELIBLACK products are free from decaBDE (decabromodiphenyl ether). Our collection comprises 11 different fabric structures, all of which are available as floor-to-ceiling products.


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Individual design & advice

You can't find the right colour in our collection? Do you need a special solution for your project? Would you like the CI colours to be reflected in the textiles for your concept? We can produce all of this for you on request. Our field consultants will be happy to advise you and help you find the right fabrics for your project.

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