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Functional fabrics for schools and daycare centers



We were all students once. We know the situation where the sun is blinding and classrooms become extremely hot. Concentration is then very difficult. Or when you can't see much during a projector presentation because the classroom isn't dark enough. Some schools have convenient external shading systems that provide a remedy in these situations. But what can you do if you don't have access to this modern technology? Especially in older buildings, complex and expensive shading systems are often not available.

In this case, curtains with a functional and visually attractive solution required.



Special curtains such as dimouts and blackouts are able to block up to 100% of sunlight. If you close them, you can see presentations through projectors or on screens perfectly. 

Protection from sunlight

Complete darkening is not always necessary, but glare protection is absolutely essential. This is where classic curtains come into play. They let in enough light but protect against glare. In this way, they ensure a pleasant room atmosphere, increase well-being and enable better concentration - for students and teachers alike.


DELITHERM® fabrics are energy savers for summer and winter. In summer, they reduce solar radiation at the window by up to 55% when closed and prevent rooms from heating up excessively. In winter, DELITHERM® also prevents heat loss from windows and keeps the heat in the room. Up to 15% of heating costs can be saved.

Acoustically effective

Almost all fabrics reduce sound in a room to a degree. Some more, some less. We have tested our fabrics for their acoustic effectiveness and have classified them accordingly.
Here you will find an overview of all acoustically tested items in the DELIUS collection. 

Creating with colours

Colours have a major influence on our mood. They shape the room and make us feel good. Colour design is particularly important in schools and nurseries. With fabrics, it is easy to conjure up colour in the room; as a curtain, room divider, ceiling suspension or wall hanging.


All DELIUS fabrics are permanently flame retardant. This property is firmly anchored in the fiber and cannot be impaired even by multiple washes. Extensive tests and corresponding certificates prove this. 

Ease of care

In principle, curtain fabrics are easy to care for. Take them down, wash them and hang them up again damp and you will have fresh and clean curtains for a long time to come.


All DELIUS fabrics are woven from polyester FR or Trevira CS yarns. These are particularly robust and therefore very durable. As these are single-origin materials, they can be recycled and easily returned to the cycle.

 Artificial leather

Artificial leather is a very easy-care alternative to conventional upholstery fabrics. The surfaces are very robust, not susceptible to dirt and washable. Even disinfectants cannot harm them. The vibrant, radiant colors of artificial leather are particularly attractive, transforming chairs and benches into absolute eye-catchers.

Nab referenz klar

Our reference from the education sector

Here you can see the NAB room in Vienna, which was furnished with Delius textiles.

Care Collage

Individual design & advice

Are you working on a project and looking for the perfect fabric? Do you need a special colour or special functions? Do you have questions about fabrication and looking for innovative processing techniques?

Our consultants in the field will be happy to advise you and help you select the right textiles.

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