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DELIMAR | Fabrics that defy the weather

Furniture fabrics that are water-repellent and tangibly more textile. Our MERIDIAN and LATITUDE 48° N collections in exciting color worlds and expressive weaves are high-quality upholstery fabrics with which we blur the boundary between outdoor and indoor. They guarantee that light summer flair and refreshing looks can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Covered with DELIMAR fabric, seating furniture or lounge landscapes can be placed outdoors without hesitation. In the conservatory or indoor chill-out area, the quality and durability of the hard-wearing fabrics prove their worth in every season. Like all DELIUS products, they are flame-retardant and therefore indispensable for furniture and upholstery that is intended to function both indoors and outdoors. The fabrics in the MERIDIAN and LATITUDE 48° N upholstery fabric collections are made from the innovative Polyolefinic FR fiber, which permanently combines many positive properties. High light fastness, resistance to chlorine and seawater and weather resistance characterize this special fibre. The designs are machine-washable at 40°C and quick-drying, so that mold and bacteria cannot form in the first place. DELIMAR fabrics are free of harmful substances, antistatic and water-repellent.

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Delimar 4089

DELIMAR advantages & functions

Multifunctional down to the last detail

Delius Resistant to Sea Chlorinated Water
Resistant to sea & chlorinated water
Delius Fast Drying
fast drying
Delius Water Repellant
Water repellant
Delius Mould Resistant
Mould resistant
Delius High Lightfastness
High Lightfastness
Delius REACH Compliant
Reach Complient
Delius Deliflamm
flame retardant

The advantages of our DELIMAR collection:

  • flame retardant
  • water-repellent
  • weather-resistant
  • high resistance to chlorine and sea water
  • high light fastness
  • quick drying
  • extremely hard-wearing
  • machine washable
  • free of harmful substances
  • antistatic
  • dirt-repellent
  • water-saving manufacturing process (spun-dyed)
Delius outdoorvorhang mistral sunbed beach

Lightweight outdoor curtain for a summery feel-good factor

In the search for spaciousness, the boundaries between indoors and outdoors are becoming increasingly blurred. Curtains and drapes are no longer only used indoors. Our semi-transparent Mistral DELIMAR outdoor curtain is the perfect response to this trend. It is strikingly unobtrusive, subtle, natural and delicate. With its elegant sheen and light drape, it comes in three natural shades and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. What makes Mistral DELIMAR so special?

Mistral is made from high-quality Trevira CS brand yarn. Thanks to the spun-dyed yarn, it has above-average light fastness and is highly resistant to chlorine and seawater. Mistral is therefore able to withstand a wide range of weather conditions. Whether on the balcony or terrace, by the pool or on the beach, as a curtain for a beach bed or sun lounger - Mistral provides shade and protection from prying eyes. Mistral is also ideal as an indoor curtain for properties with large windows and strong sunlight.

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