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Drapery fabrics

Unpretentious plain curtain fabrics in many colors offer a wide range of design options. Subtle woven structures can be used to create elegant accents. Curtains and inbetweens provide a certain amount of privacy, protect against prying eyes and therefore promote concentrated work. There is a large selection of acoustic fabrics. The classics among them are our natural wool fabrics with excellent sound-absorbing properties. Mezzo acoustic curtains provide the perfect privacy and glare protection for windows. For meeting rooms that also need to be darkened for presentation purposes, our Dimout collection offers a wide range of options.

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Upholstery fabrics

They should be extremely hard-wearing and durable, but also have a modern look. The upholstery fabrics collections 80,000+ and High Performace are particularly suitable for this. They have a high abrasion resistance and offer great textures and a wide range of colours. For those who like it more modern, our 3D fabrics are visually, haptically and functionally unique.

Furniture fabrics from the Deligard collection are particularly dirt-resistant and easy to clean, as they have a special cleanliness system. They are particularly suitable for high-traffic areas, canteens or communal areas.

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Acoustic fabrics

Office environments are increasingly changing into open, spacious workspaces. The workplace of the future will not necessarily take place in small, enclosed offices. To enable quiet working, modern working environments need a well thought-out acoustic concept. The use of fabrics plays an important role here. As curtains, room dividers, covers for sound absorbers or even as upholstery fabric, textiles are able to significantly reduce sound.

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Take a look at numerous examples of the use of our fabrics in office buildings here:

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Individual design & advice

Are you working on a project and looking for the perfect fabric? Do you need a special colour or special functions? Do you have questions about fabrication and looking for innovative processing techniques?

Our consultants in the field will be happy to advise you and help you select the right textiles.

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