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Contract fabrics for shopfitting



Decoration fabrics are used to design shopping worlds and create product displays. They serve as room dividers, partition curtains, cabin curtains or eye-catchers. Upholstery fabrics are used as covers for seating furniture and as wall coverings. Faux leather can be used as a display case upholstery fabric.
Fabrics can be used in a variety of ways when furnishing stores and have a positive influence on product sales. Let yourself be inspired, you are sure to find something suitable to perfectly showcase your goods.

Why Delius

We know how important a successful store atmosphere is for the shopping experience. Beautiful contract fabrics make a significant contribution to this. With our contract fabrics, you can create a perfect interior design that supports your emotional presentation of goods at the point of sale. All areas of textile furnishing can be served with our fabrics inabling you to create the perfect interior design: decorative fabrics, upholstery fabrics and wall coverings. The diversity of our collections opens up enormous scope for design. Functionality is at the heart of our stylish designs. They are extremely hard-wearing, durable and easy to clean.

Tested to the highest standards and always flame-retardant 

With DELIUS fabrics, you are always on the safe side. We have put our products through their paces so we can insure you with certainty that they can withstand the shop fitting invironment. This is backed up by valid certificates. Contact us, we will be happy to send you samples and advise you on site.

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Opaque Dimouts

Dimouts have the advantage that you can't see through them providing privacy. Furthermore, dimout fabrics often have the same fabric appearance on the front and back. These two properties make dimouts the perfect cubicle curtain.

Our dimouts are available in a wide variety of finishes; smooth, shiny, matt, textured, printed, embossed and in an infinite number of colours.

Opaque Dimouts


Exclusive velvets

Velvets radiate exclusivity and are therefore ideal for sophisticated product presentations at the point of sale. Whether as curtains for booths, for shop window design, as an upholstery fabric or showcase cladding, velvet is always an eye-catcher.

In addition to the sophisticated effect, the sound-absorbing properties of velour should not be underestimated.

Exklusive Velours

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Lightweight transparent fabrics

They let light through, but still create a private atmosphere by protecting you from prying eyes. They are decorative, convey a feeling of lightness and can create exciting accents and great effects. They are  impressive as room dividers as they are for shop window displays.

Lightweight transparent fabrics

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Versatile acoustic fabrics

Whether you're out shopping or enjoying a cozy dinner, unpleasant room acoustics can spoil the fun. Modern architecture often relies on glass, concrete and steel. These smooth surfaces create a reverberation that is often perceived as unpleasant noise.
Textiles can counteract this. They absorb sound and thus reduce noise pollution, both for store visitors and employees. Acoustic fabrics are used as curtain drapery, room dividers, wall and ceiling coverings, panels or upholstery fabrics.

Versatile acoustic fabrics

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Multifaceted decorative fabrics

They are available in plain or patterned, classic or modern, trendy or timeless. The choice of colours are limitless. Our fabrics create moods that turn a visit to the store into an experience and set the scene for the merchandise.

Decorative fabrics

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Stylish upholstery fabrics

Seating in public areas is generally subjected to heavy use, upholstery fabrics also have to withstand a lot in the quiet areas of stores at the same time look visually and haptically sophisticated. Our collection offers a large selection of upholstery fabrics and faux leathers that are also suitable as showcase fabrics. Our DELIGARD upholstery fabrics have the additional advantage that they are impermeable to moisture and easy to clean, meaning they look clean and neat for a long time.

Stylish upholstery fabrics


Timeless wool fabrics

Wool is naturally flame-retardant and very robust. It is high quality and durable and has excellent sound-absorbing properties. It is simply beautiful, as a cubicle or door curtain and, of course, also as upholstery fabric.

Timeless woollen fabrics

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Expressive wall coverings

Wall coverings set great accents and decorate the room. They should be hard-wearing and easy to clean. Our DELIWALL collection offers many options here. The vinyl wallcovering is naturally flame-retardant and its robust surface makes it extremely hard-wearing, very durable and protects the walls.


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Our shopfitting references

Take a look at numerous examples of the use of our fabrics in shopfitting here:

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Individual design & advice

Are you working on a project and looking for the perfect fabric? Do you need a special colour or special functions? Do you have questions about fabrication and looking for innovative processing techniques?

Our consultants in the field will be happy to advise you and help you select the right textiles.

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