Leading specialist of inherently flame retardant fabrics

Object wall coverings in a large selection

With its collection DELIWALL DELIUS offers flame retardant wall coverings which harmonise perfectly with existing contract fabrics. The strength of the collection lies in the variety of its structures, the perfect play of shiny and matt surfaces and the balance of natural tones with mystic colours. Expressive structures and tempting metallic effects create an exquisite atmosphere. Subtle surfaces in natural colours are also impressive. A total of 24 qualities in a 165 colour ways are available.


Upholstery fabrics - now also available with stain protection

Our upholstery fabrics have been developed to withstand daily use for a long time. Woven from high-quality brand yarns, they are very durable. Optionally, we offer a stain protection finish for the 80.000+ and High Performance upholstery fabrics.

DELIGARD upholstery fabrics even have a unique cleaning technology and can be cleaned with disinfectants if necessary. And if the requirements are even more challenging, why not take advantage of our extensive range of faux leather.


Dimout & Blackout as perfect darkening fabrics

Blackout fabrics are essential for a restful sleep in many hotels. It is up to you whether you prefer a 100% blackout as in a dimming system, or whether you prefer a dimout with up to 99% darkening. With a total of 43 articles, there is certainly something for every taste.


DELIGARD | Safe & Clean upholstery fabrics

DELIGARD upholstery fabrics: unrivaled in cleanliness and easy maintenance. Bacteria, dirt and moisture don't stand a chance with this pattened innovative system. A vast array of combination possibilities is offered with beautiful designs on superior fabric qualities.


Active Design Printing | Colour Lab

You have your own design or a specific colour that should match your interior design. No problem. With our Active Design Printing Program your vision becomes reality. You can also choose a design from our archive and recolour it according to your wishes directly on our homepage in the ColourLAB.


Acoustic Fabrics

Fabrics in a room have a natural sound absorbing effect. Some of them are even well suited to noticeably improve the room acoustics. Here you can find all the information and materials that have excellent acoustic properties.


Hotel Worlds

DELIUS offers high-quality textile solutions for hotel furnishings - from hotel suites and meeting rooms to restaurants and bars. With our wide product range, we can meet holistic room concepts. Our entire collection is permanently flame retardant and thus offers the security for a untroubled hotel stay.

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According to the relevant norms all textiles delivered by DELIUS are permanently flame retardant. For all furnishing and upholstery fabrics DELIUS uses high quality yarns made from polyester FR or Trevira CS.


300 Years Delius

In 1722, Johann Caspar Delius founded a linen business in Bielefeld and by doing so laid the foundation for the DELIUS company. In a three hundred year period marked by constant change, the company faced plenty of challenges, such as wars, industrialisation or increasing international competition, but always mastered them with a spirit of innovation. Perpetual improvement characterises the company to this day.



ISO 9001 is a national and international standard in quality management.

The globally recognised standard defines the minimum requirements for a quality management system. The focus is on optimising processes in order to continuously optimise company performance and to meet customer requirements in the best possible way. ISO 9001 certification helps companies to decisively improve their processes and the quality of their operational performance.


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