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Dimout | 99% blackout

99% blackout with high-quality dimouts

DELIUS offers DIMOUTs in an almost infinite variety of designs. Whether printed in plain, graphic, floral or woven designs. The double-sided printing of fabric with attractive designs makes these DIMOUTs doubly attractive. DIMOUT fabrics reduce the usual 40% light transmission to just 1%. In other words: during the day, these functional decorative fabrics create a pleasant diffuse light; at night, they absorb almost every ray of light. A color-matching print on the reverse side in a dark shade not only looks good, but also enhances the darkening effect.

Dimout advantages & functions

Multifunctional down to the last detail

Delius Highly Darkening
highly darkening
Delius Acoustic
Delius Double Face Design
Double face design
Delius Hygienic Wash
hygienic wash
Delius Recyclable
Delius Deliflamm
flame retardant

Dimout quality features

  • High degree of darkening High degree of darkening of 99
  • flame-retardant fabrics (internationally applicable standards)
  • elegant, soft-flowing drape and pleasant feel
  • high sound absorption
  • 60 plain standard colors, 4800 printing colors
  • Different fabric constructions and structures
  • Numerous print designs and suitably designed reverse sides
  • Customization from 300 m per color
  • Washable at 40°C to 60°C, 72°C hygiene wash possible


Strong arguments for soft fabrics

Darkening curtains are indispensable in hotels. With a high degree of dimming, DELIUS DIMOUTS ensure restful sleep and a pleasant room atmosphere at any time of day. This is why curtains and textile interiors made from our versatile fabrics for room darkening have also become established in retirement homes and hospitals, schools and daycare centers, administrative offices and conference rooms. They darken up to 99%, have a noise-reducing effect or protect against annoying sunlight during lessons or conferences.


This is what sets DELIUS DIMOUTS apart:  

Fabric construction for darkening: We combine a flexible double satin fabric with a black weft. This allows us to achieve a dense yet elegantly flowing fabric with a blackout factor of up to 99%. The darker the color, the more effective the effect.

Double face design: Dimouts can be printed on both sides, in a uniform design or with different designs on the front and back. A color-coordinated print on the reverse side is just one of many options. 

Textile look - inside and out: Dimout fabrics score points with their harmonious, coordinated appearance on both sides - perfect for the harmonious exterior view of a window front or for use as a room divider. Embossed designs: Embossed dimouts enable exclusivity, with a fascinating 3D look of the surface structure.   

Ideal room acoustics: Almost all DELIUS DIMOUTS have excellent acoustic properties. With a degree of around 0.65, they correspond to sound absorption class C and are highly absorbent.

Room-high design: Decorative fabrics in 300 cm width allow optimum design freedom. By turning the width into the height, curtains can be produced in almost endless widths. In this way, we avoid seams in large curtains and minimize the amount of work involved in making them up. Easy-care and washable: DELIUS DIMOUTS can withstand a delicate wash at 30°C, with the versions for Health & Care wash temperatures of 60°C. Our test results show that many of our fabrics can even withstand temperatures of 72°C, which is equivalent to a hygiene wash.

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