Hardwearing upholstery fabrics

These days the commercial sector requires robust upholstery fabrics that will be able to withstand the extreme usage they are exposed to in public areas. Combining robustness and quality of design is a must for such areas. DELIUS offers a suitable textile solution for heavily used areas: Gavi, Genua, Gomez, Giga and Goso are upholstery fabrics which offer an abrasion value according to Martindale of at least 80.000. They are thus extremely resistant against wear and tear and will let you enjoy your furniture for a long time.

DELIUS upholstery fabrics of 80.000+ reconvincing by their pure design, their natural look and their comprehensive colour selection. Genua has a puristic look due to its rough weave and thus is specially suited for a modern, clean design. The rough plain weave in a braided look of Gomez shows the fashionable demand for the natural look in perfect connection with the requirements of contract qualities.

Now available with optional stain protection finish

Specially developed for permanently flame-retardant upholstery fabrics, our stain protection finish surrounds the fiber like a net, noticeably protecting it from contamination. This stain-resistant effect does not affect the flame-retardant properties of the fabric. This finish is available as an option for all 80,000+ and High Performance articles.

Upholstery fabrics with stain protection are:

  • More durable than fabrics without stain protection
  • Water repellent
  • Oil and dirt repellent
  • Breathable
  • Finish is abrasion resistant and durable


  • Easy and quick cleaning (regular brushing / vacuuming to remove dust or damp cleaning for light soiling).
  • extends the life of the seating furniture
  • ensures carefree use
  • long-lasting cleanliness and appearance

The following articles are available with stain protection finish for a minimum quantity of 200 m.

Verified environmental impacts

The articles Goso, Gavi and Genua meet the requirements of the Ecolabel environmental label.

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Product overview of the 80.000+ articles

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