Faux Leather for contract use


Durable faux leather with structure

The new faux leather Bonny comes in a total of 28 modern colours. The colour range with a matt surface extends from strong, bright tones such as Ice Coffee and Sunburst to classic colours such as Deep Taupe and Laurel Oak.

With its open, linen-like structure, it gives furniture a textile look. Bonny is colourful, has high lightfastness, it’s Ökotex certified and has a sanitized finish. This protects the surface from bacteria and mould, reduces mites and odours and makes it antimicrobial. It has a high abrasion resistance of 300,000 cycles and is therefore ideal for the use in highly frequented areas such as hotels, navigation and Health & Care. It also withstands frequent disinfection, making it a perfect choice for hygienically demanding environments.

Whether used as a cover fabric for restaurant chairs or as a robust solution for hotel rooms, Bonny is the ideal choice.



Colorado is a modern faux leather with a wide and vibrant colour range. This includes 49 colours - from finely graded natural tones via light powdery to intensive colour tones.

Colorado has a Sanitized® hygienic function. This property protects the faux leather against bacteria and mould, reduces mites and odours and is therefore anti-microbial. 

Colorado is a PVC synthetic leather and can therefore be cleaned with a 75% ethanol or propanol solution (corresponds to the alcohol content of hand disinfectants).

This faux leather meets current environmental requirements. It contains no phthalates (softeners), is antibacterial and disinfectant- and urine-resistant. With 400,000 rubbing tours, the faux leather is extremely hard-wearing. 

With these properties, Colorado is suitable for headboards, bed surrounds and furniture for indoor, outdoor and health & care applications.



High-System PU (Polyuretan) faux leather

Modern artificial leathers are coated with polyurethane (PU) instead of PVC, as PU is much more environmentally friendly in production, use and disposal.
Conventional PU, however, has the disadvantage that moisture and bacteria can penetrate through the openness of the pores and thus permanently damage the PU.
A new manufacturing process enables PU artificial leather to be produced with closed pores, so that there are no fractures in the surface - it is much more durable and hard-wearing.
Our artificial leathers SOLO, KANO, JAGO, ENA and ROMY have been produced with this special PU manufacturing process, called High System PU.

Our modern faux leathers are also particularly soft and insensitive to soiling. They are quick and easy to clean. With over 300,000 rubbing cycles, our faux leathers are durable and robust. Due to their permanent bi-elasticity, the materials can be easily upholstered according to all processes customary in the upholstery industry.
The advantages of High System PU faux leather are:

  • free of phthalate
  • high and permanent elongation
  • particularly hard-wearing
  • easy care
  • insulating against cold
  • breathable
  • PU is recyclable

Faux Leather

Garry is a high-quality HSPU faux leather with a textile look. It conveys visual cosiness and comfort and at the same time offers the functional advantages of faux leather.



Romy has a beautifully grained, matt surface that can hardly be distinguished haptically from genuine leather. The leather look is supported by warm natural shades.


Ena is modern and bold with its smooth, metallic surface and strong accentuated colours. In addition to the classic metallic tones such as gold, copper and silver, strong tones such as orange and red stand out.




Jago has a natural leather apperance; its slight vintage look makes it extremely suitable for the furnishing of a modern hotel. It is ideal for headboards, bed surrounds and seating furniture of all kind. The authenticity of the faux leather is underlined by the colour range which concentrates on natural and grey tones.


Kano is a faux leather with a fine graphically embossed structure and a modern metallic sheen. The colour range comprises metal tones such as steel, titanium, silver and bronze as well as black and white.



Solo has a large colour palette with strong colours paired with natural leather tones. Solo is particularly beautiful in combination with upholstery fabrics from the DELIGARD series.

Product overview of the faux leather articles

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